February 10, 2015

Have questions? Get Answers: 205-221-5860

At the Pregnancy Test & Resource Center, we’re here to offer support and answers when you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy. All of our services are free and confidential. If you have questions or are undecided about what steps to take, please reach out to us. We’re only a phone call away.


Center Hours:
Monday 9-4 (Clothes Closet and Parenting Classes offered)
Tuesday 9-4 (Pregnancy Testing and Parenting Classes offered)
Wednesday 8-2 (Pregnancy Testing, Clothes Closet and Parenting Classes offered)
Thursday 9-5 (Pregnancy Testing and Parenting Classes offered)
Ultrasound is scheduled as needed.

Medical services are offered under the supervision of a licensed physician and provided by licensed medical professionals.

Call: 205-221-5860
1707 2nd Avenue
Jasper, AL 35501